• Save Time Communicating with Your Team
  • A Simple App With Powerful Team Management Features.

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Save Time Communicating with Your Team!


A Simple App With Powerful Team Management Features

Coaches, Managers, Players and Parents

Create your account and start managing your team. Add your coaching staff, managers, players and parents to your TeamGuru profile. Start your season worrying about players development, winning and lots of fun.

Evaluations, Practices, Games, Team Meetings and Parties

Simply add your events in the event calendar section and notify your team and parents of your next game, practice and all upcoming events. Events rescheduling and cancellation option helps managers and coaches to save time and make the team more productive.


Manage your roster on game day or event day by getting live notification on your team profile page or mobile apps. Players or parents will simply select PLAYING or NOT PLAYINGon every event in the team schedule page.


Communicate with your team by email or on your team profile directly. Share your frenzy feelings with other parents or get an urgent message on schedule change, game location change or a please don’t forget the popsicles today.

Team Budget

No more excel sheets, balance sheets or balancing your budget to share with parents. TeamGuru budget allows managers to balance the team budget on the go. The module is designed to save time and better organize deposits and payouts during the season. The budget is available to members to view live as it gets updated by management on your team profile page or Mobile apps.

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